Having an issue with FOTA

Need assistance with upgrading the Firmware our products?

In all our latest devices and many from the last few years support FOTA for the distribution of new Firmware (Software for handsets, modems or hotspots etc). FOTA stands for "Firmware over the Air" which means that the updated software for your handset will come directly to the device itself and then with your permission, update the device.

The best option when you receive the notification that there is new software for your device is to wait until you are at home or the office where you have a Wi-Fi connection available and once you are connected you can start the FOTA process.

If you have closed your notification then all you need to look for on Android handsets is the application called Software Update. On data devices like USB modems or Hotspots check the WebUI for available updates or update available messages. For feature handset (ie T96 or T55 / non-Android handsets, you should check the user manual or quick start guide or just cycle through the menus until you see an item like Firmware update listed and give it a go.

Typically a FOTA update will take 5-10minutes depending on the device and the size of the FOTA package. Just follow the prompts and read the messages as the process proceed's step by step. Don't do anything to the device while it is upgrading and before you start make sure your device has alot of charge on it's battery.

Below is the only troubleshooting that can be performed on an Android based device. Other device types do not have the ability for field / user recovery if there is an issue. If you have a feature handset (non-Android), USB modem or Hotspot that have an issue and fail during a FOTA process contact our support team for what to do next.

Otherwise it should be simple and straight forward.


Good Luck and Thank you for supporting ZTE