About ZTE New Zealand

ZTE has been operating in New Zealand since 2008.


The foundation work for a New Zealand ZTE office was done by ZTE Australia after seeing an appetite for customised handsets supporting Telstra’s Next Generation (3G 850) network which launched in 2006. The initial team worked hard to develop contacts and an understanding of the local market conditions, and the Auckland office was opened in 2008.

The first then Telecom NZ (now Spark NZ) range of devices were launched in early 2009 including mobile phones followed closely by USB modems, Wireless Hotspots, and tablets.

ZTE have successfully expanded to a complete range of handsets and data products through Spark, Skinny and Vodafone that is prominent in the market today.

What's Next?

These products are typically branded and customised by the operator thus achieving sales of nearly 3 million devices into the New Zealand market, branded by the operator. Since 2015 ZTE started coming out of the shadows and promoting its own branded devices as stylish, advanced, and reliable with a long history of innovation and support for the New Zealand market.

ZTE is proud to launch the first Flagship device, the AXON 7, delivered into Australia in October 2016. The plan is to further develop and build the brand in both Australia and New Zealand.

ZTE New Zealand is exploring opportunities in the latest global technologies to benefit the local market. ZTE looks forward to taking New Zealand on this exciting journey.

About ZTE Australia

ZTE Australia has been operating in Australia since 2004.


ZTE Australia was established in Melbourne in 2004 with a local sales office in the Rialto tower. The initial team worked hard to develop contacts and understanding of the local market conditions to build a strong business foundation to offer and promote a wide range of telecommunications solutions and devices.

ZTE manufactures products throughout the range of telecommunications systems from consumer, business and enterprise, to ISP, Telco and Carrier Grade equipment. From our close relationships we introduced our Terminals Division product line to produce customised handsets to support new and emerging 3G technology ready for Telstra's Next Generation (3G 850) network launch in 2006.

First NextG(tm) devices

In April 2006 we started developing a new clam shell handset for Telstra that would be the first device to launch on their NextG network. This first device was the Telstra F850 quickly followed by the F851 and then many other devices offering a range of styles and performance on the new network.

We also developed NextG data devices including the MF332 which was one of the last PCMCIA modems for Telstra before technology moved towards USB modems.

We also achieved sales into many local network operators, but it was our handsets and data devices that drove our expansion even without many users knowing who we were or what we did.

First Country Phone

Along the way we designed many niche devices that are not covered by most mainstream device vendors. The first niche device was the "Country Phone" known as the F165. This handset was designed to give the best RF performance for use in rural Australia on the Telstra NextG network and it did this job very well.

Nothing could beat the F165 for connectivity in remote areas with fringe network coverage. There are still users of the F165 today and they never want to replace their device as it connects where others do not. So from time to time they come to us for support and replacement batteries. Not bad for a device designed in 2007. We continued to build on our enhanced RF reputation achieving many BlueTick devices which is Telstra approved for enhanced RF in rural and metro areas.

What's Next?

Many other devices followed including USB modems, Fixed Wireless Terminals, Wireless Hotspots, tablets & handsets but typically these were branded and customised by the carrier so despite selling over 6.5 million devices in Australia alone the ZTE brand is fairly unknown. Now in 2015 we are coming out of the shadows and will be promoting our own branded devices as stylish, advanced, and reliable with a long history of innovation and support for the Australian market over the last 9yrs. We have great local experience, we have dedicated local support, we have a great team of people who have been in the company from the beginning and we are here to stay and have alot more to offer yet. So keep in touch, watch this space and look forward to the exciting journey that is to come.

About ZTE Corporation

ZTE Corporation was founded in 1985.


Starting out as a supplier of PABX systems, ZTE has developed into a global telecommunications vendor that is now promoting and developing the ZTE brand into over 60 countries globally. As ZTE comes out of the shadows of being an OEM mobile terminal (handsets & data device) manufacturer we are building our brand recognition by key sponsorship deals and getting the ZTE name to be more widely known. ZTE continues to manufacture and deliver our products globally and develops new technologies for the future with our extensive R&D focus.

First International Office

In 1999, ZTE opened our first international office in Pakistan supporting a major network project.

First Phone

In 1999, ZTE launched the ZTE189 dual-frequency handset, the first Chinese dual-frequency product with Chinese-owned intellectual property.

For more information visit: ZTE Corporate website.

ZTE Australia - Contacts

How to contact ZTE Australia.

ZTE Australia Head Office - Melbourne

ZTE (Australia) Pty Ltd

Level 6, 128 Exhibition Street



Australia 3000

ZTE Customer Support

Email: support (@) zte.com.au

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